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Robton Education Agency was initially commissioned in the year 2015.
The company started with the simple vision of being an intermediary between teeming students seeking to further their education abroad and various institutions outside the shores of Nigeria.
Over time, the scope of the company broadened from that of a simple study abroad agency to actual partnerships with various Universities. Students from Robton Education Agency have a reputation of being the brightest and most educationally motivated in their respective institutions of higher learning.

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We provide top notch study abroad services to young and vibrant individuals to study in a world renowned institutions across the World.

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We've received Certificate of Excellence award from numerous experts.

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Tell us about your educational requirement. We'll work together to customize your educational needs to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable educational journey.

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We're a local travel agency. When you book with us, you get best possible price, which is middle-man free.

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We don't add hidden extras cost. All educatioal packages include travel permit, lodging and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

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